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P.O. Box 687
519 Main Street
Griswold, IA 51535
Nancy L. Radford, 56, Griswold. 
Janet L. Milner- Weston, 80, of Elliott. 
Gregory Hans Theede, 65, Lewis. 
Dorothy Pearl Schroder, 83, Griswold 
Mildred Koenig, 79, Des Moines.

James "Jim" Gustin, Griswold.
Gilbert F. Krisinger, Griswold. 
Norma Lee Forsyth Cousins, Griswold. 
Jackson Pilgreen, 2, Greenfield.
William Nichols, 27, California.
Sylvia Witt, 68, Griswold. 
Scott James Wagner, 51, Griswold. 
Eileen Weis, 74, Griswold. 
Willis Merritt, 86, formerly of Griswold. 
Lola M. Perdue, 88, Griswold. 
Louis A. Hall, 88, Griswold. 
Ronald James "Jim" White, 73, 
Leon Putnam, 96, Griswold. 
Arnold Lloyd Baier, 67, Victor, IA. 
Lori Ann Moore, 52, Missouri Valley. 
Jerry Kenneth Rice, 72, Griswold. 
Maxine "Mickey" Winifred Tye Houser, 88, Griswold. 
George Rush, of Griswold.  
John Bierbaum, 57, Griswold. 
Lela J. Carlson, 56, Griswold. 
Delores Kirk, 84, Griswold.  
Richard Charles Wohlenhaus, 63, Atlantic. 
Ruth DeWitt, Alexander, 102, Virginia.
George W. Clark, 82, California. 
Cletis C. Ireland, 93, Griswold. 
Katherine Jean Stoneking, 81, Elliott.  
Wayne Matthes, 72, Griswold. 
Meta Hemphill, 91, Atlantic. .
William "Bill" Casey, 102, Formerly of Griswold.
Elva "Joy" Hass, 97, Formerly of Griswold
Richard D. Jennings, Elliott. 
Alice Mertes, 88, Griswold. 
Darrell Adams, 78, Griswold. 
Robyn L. Hoye, 53, Griswold.
Marilyne K. Steinbeck, 75, Griswold. 
Beth Anne Towne, 36, Griswold. 
Joeseph D. Tye, Griswold. 
Daryl "Jack" Slama, Griswold. 
Jay Hoogeveen, Griswold. 
Mike Noll, 54, Griswold. 
Lowell G. Schaaf, 84, Griswold.
Kent Muller, 74, Griswold. 
Joe Feigenbutz, 94, Elliott. 
Sharon K. Oles, 74, Griswold. 
Nathalee Gilleland, 73, Elliott. 
Devon McClain, 18, formerly of Elliott. 
Cory T. Luft, 39, Red Oak. 
Sherry I. England, 70, Griswold. 
Roger L. Rhoads, 58, Griswold. 
Lovella J. Tye, 86, Griswold. 
Lloyd Peck, 89, Elliott. 
Murray R. Smith, 72, Elliott.
William "Bill" Petty, 76, Elliott. 
William O'Dell, 56, Elliott. 
Howard Rush, 79, Griswold. 
Candise B. Rink, 68, Griswold. 
LaVetta Hansen, 92, Griswold. 
Ruby Thompson, 93, Grant. 
Lorene Eppelsheimer, 96, Griswold. 
David D. Bishop, 70, Griswold. 
Lindsey Curtis, 29, Griswold. 
Russell C. Nelson, 89, Elliott. 
Russel D. Liddell, 90, Griswold. 
John C. Fichter, 66, Griswold. 
Dennis C. Johnson, 75, Griswold.
Sharon "Sherry" Dobernecker, 79, Griswold.
Thomas E. Shellberg, 78, Griswold. 
Delbert Rieken, 97. Griswold. 
Virginia Rossell, 96. Lewis. 
Sara R. Venatta, 19, Elliott. 
Wilbur R. Yeager, 79, Red Oak. 
Cheryl L. Zimmerman, 59, Griswold. Passed away 7/6/18.
Francis "Mike" Dollen, Griswold. Passed away 6/28/18. Celebration of Life Sunday, July 8, 1-5 p.m. Griswold Community Building.
BJ England, MD, 84, Griswold. Passed away 5/26/18. A Celebration of Life Service will be held at 1:30 PM on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at the Griswold Community Building. A private family burial will follow at Hillside Cemetery in Elliott, IA. Arrangements are being handled by the family. Memorials may be given to the Cass County Museum.
Scott. A. Keeney, 64, Griswold. Passed away 5/30/18.
Marjorie J. Billings, 93, Griswold. Passed away 5/15/18.
Iris L. Hollesen, 93, formerly of Griswold. Passed away 4/25/18.
Ella Lucille Merritt, 80, formerly Griswold. Passed away 4/11/18.
Stephen C. Howell, 68, Elliott. Passed away 3/3018.
Jean E. Houser, 87, Griswold. Passed away 3/13/18.
Kenneth "Kenny" Evans, 65, Griswold. Passed away 3/3/18.
Elizabeth Hummon, Griswold. Passed away 2/11/18.
David A. Hafner, 62, formerly of Griswold. Passed away 1/29/18.
Dale LeRoy Thornton, 87, formerly of Griswold. Passed away 1/27/18
Charles Raymond Cousins, 91, Griswold. Passed away 1/22/18.
Stanley Pelzer, 81, Griswold. Passed away 2/7/18.